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Arfit Welcomes Chloe (New Patient Profile) FCE Lumbar herniated disc

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Chloe getting laser

Chloe is a 7 year old mini poodle who underwent a bilateral tibial plateau lateral osteotomy in June. During her recovery period, she also suffered a spinal injury resulting in bilateral hind limb weakness and eventual paralysis in both her rear legs at the beginning of July. By the time she arrived at my clinic, she refused to put any weight on either hind limb and remained in a flexed “fetal” position. Chloe had severe muscle wasting of both her hind limbs and very limited hip and knee mobility. Two weeks ago I started manual therapy, dry needling and laser to her lumbar spine, hips and legs. She responded immediately by actively extending her spine, knees and hips for the first time in several weeks according to her owner. After three treatments, she is actively trying to sit up and stand. She is even using her left hind leg slightly to bear weight. Her recovery is going to take several weeks if not months and yet, I am very optimistic after seeing her rapid progress and I anticipate a full recovery. Go Chloe!

Manual Therapy to the hip and lumbar spine

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