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Why Are We Better?

Arfit’s Hill and weight training program is unlike any other rehab clinic

Hill Climbing:  As dogs age, they stoop.  They shift their weight forward onto their front legs using their back legs less.  They hunch their backs.  Their back gets stiffer and their back legs get weaker.  This is normal aging in dogs.  So, How do you fix it?  By loosening the stiff spine with dry needling, manual therapy AND HILLS!  LOTS OF HILLS.

Arfit Has Lots of Hills.  It is the foundation for reversing aging in dogs.  No other clinic even uses hills in their programs.  We hope, for the sake of the dogs this will change. We not only climb hills, we perform circles, step ups and weaving exercises on the hills.  We add weight to specific limbs in order to target weak areas.

The Tilt Track:  Yet another unique feature available exclusively at Arfit.  Used in conjunction with a weight belt on the targeted limb, the tilt track allows us to strengthen a weak limb even of the dog is weight shifting off the limb.  The angle of the track allows the lowest limb to bear the most weight.  It’s just physics and it works!

Weight Pulling: inspired by dog sled competition and nuanced by Arfit, this exercise stimulates full body muscle activation like no other exercise.  Think of it as a dead lift for your dog.  Performed safely and gradually with treats and loving encouragement, this activity builds muscle rapidly, improves balance and gait and, as a wonderful side effect, improves confidence!

Highly trained and focused on Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy:  The Foundation for recovery at Arfit.  Every session begins with touch as we assess progress, improve mobility and determine the therapeutic program.  We connect to our patients through touch.  We convey safety, comfort and security as we build trust gently treating each patient at their own pace.  Our clinicians are trained for years not weeks to expertly perform a variety of advanced techniques including joint mobilization, transverse friction, strumming, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, massage, manual lymphatic drainage and spinal mobilization.

Spinal Mobilization: Segment specific low force manual therapy techniques providing effective permanent changes in spinal mobility for aging and injured pets.  We are spine obsessed at Arfit.  We believe the lumbar spine is the foundation for your dogs mobility and comfort.  Regardless of your pet’s diagnosis, we will assess and improve your dogs spine and posture.

Postural rehabilitation:  Lots of our patients come in with stooping sits, sagging backs and drooping heads.  In many cases, bad posture is the root of their problem.  Regardless of their diagnosis, we address posture. Good posture boosts self esteem and improves recovery.

Joint stretching and mobilization.  Stretching by it’s nature can be uncomfortable.  How can you effectively stretch a dog without causing discomfort.  We can do that.

Massage Therapy.  We are trained for multiple years in various soft tissue mobilization and massage techniques.  All staff is trained and vetted by Tod Miner, PT CCRP to ensure that your pet is receiving the best care anywhere.

It’s not just our treatments that are different, it’s also the way we treat our patients.

Like Family

Our Treatment Rooms are different.  We use comfortable elevated human treatment tables in order maximize the human animal relationship while performing our own unique manual therapy techniques.

We don’t restrain our patients.  They have full agency during treatment.  We work with them.  NOT on them.  This creates trust, comfort and relaxation in our patients.

We don’t use muzzles.  We never put our patients in a position where they would have to bite.  This is the ARFIT difference.

Fear Free?  If you have to be trained to be nice to animals, you shouldn’t be working with them  All of our staff are animal people.  They were born this way.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to be a part of the entire treatment session.  Why wouldn’t you be?