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Pups and Hardwood Floors

Dogs on hardwood floor

Chicagoans, we love our hardwood floors, the shinier and smoother the better! Show me a good oak and maple floor, and I will fall in love. Unfortunately, they may look beautiful but at the same time that slick shiny surfaces can be quite a challenge for our Four-legged furry friends. Especially as they get older.

You may notice that your dog gets the zoomies and spins about like a Fred Flintstone character on those floors. It looks cute but when you think about it, there’s a big chance they’re straining and injuring muscles. A big part of our practice is based on repetitive strain injuries and as a matter of fact, I would have to say that the majority of the injuries we see Are cumulative small injuries that add up overtime and finally result in difficulties with mobility. Kind of like a straw that broke the camels back. One of the primary aggravators is slippery surfaces. if you’re noticing your dog, having trouble getting up on hardwood and tile floors, this is probably the reason. They can’t get a grip. In addition, if your dog is already limping or showing signs of stiffness. the slippery floors can aggravate their condition and make it hard for them to recover. There are solutions. Many of which you can do easily at home. Area rugs are always a decorative possibility. In many cases, we recommend yoga mats which are inexpensive washable and come in many colors. They are available in long rolls to fit the color of your decor on Amazon. If yoga mats are not your cup of tea, we have a more direct solution. Toe treads! We use these on so many of our clients and they really work! Those of you who have been to Arfit recently know that we put them on for a nominal fee. We put these little grips on two nails on each foot. They are glued on and last about three weeks. If you prefer to do it yourself, They are available on Amazon.

Remember, you are always welcome to give us a call just for a toe tread appointment and we will put them on for you.

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