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The miracle of heat! One of the best things you can do for your fur babies at home is to use a heating pad. We all know how great a heating pad feels when we pull a muscle in our low back or neck. The same applies for your furry family members. Placing a heating … Read more


IVDD is a Garbage diagnosis here’s why.   IVDD stands for intervertebral Disc Disease. It is diagnosed after a spinal x-ray reveals decreased intervertebral disc spaces and your dog has symptoms of low back pain and / or limb weakness.  According to this diagnosis, your dog is at risk of a herniated disc and a pinched … Read more

Canine Rehab News: Librela

There’s a new drug in town, Librela. And it’s a dangerous one! Veterinarians all over Chicago are aggressively selling this new “wonder drug.” They claim it’s a treatment for arthritis. But it has nothing to do with arthritis. It is a monoclonal antibody, which means it prevents pain signals from reaching your dogs, brain by blocking nerve … Read more

Pups and Hardwood Floors

Dogs on hardwood floor Chicagoans, we love our hardwood floors, the shinier and smoother the better! Show me a good oak and maple floor, and I will fall in love. Unfortunately, they may look beautiful but at the same time that slick shiny surfaces can be quite a challenge for our Four-legged furry friends. Especially … Read more

Unleashing Mobility: The Essential Role of Dog Rehabilitation Center Arfit Biz

Dog Rehabilitation

The reliable source for dog rehabilitation in your area. At Arfit Biz, we know how important it is to provide your pets with the most delicate care possible, specifically if they require rehabilitation following damage, surgery, or a different scientific issue. We’ll go into the realm of dog rehabilitation today, talking approximately its importance, the offerings provided … Read more

Shedding Light on Canine Wellness: Exploring Dog Laser Therapy Cost

Dog Laser Therapy

Welcome to Arfit Biz, your premier destination for dog laser therapy services. At Arfit Biz, we recognize the importance of supplying pinnacle-notch care for your bushy partners, and our laser therapy offerings are designed to enhance your dog’s fitness and well-being. Today, we’ll discover the blessings of canine laser therapy, talk about the price worries, and help … Read more

Enhancing Canine Mobility: Exploring the World of Dog Physical Therapy at Arfit Biz

Dog Physical Therapy

Arfit Biz extends a heat welcome to puppy owners who are searching to provide their furry buddies with excellent, viable care. Our utmost priority is to ensure that your canine companions are healthy and happy. To achieve this, we offer a range of premium services, including dog physical therapy. This specialized utility is designed to cater … Read more

Discover the Benefits: Dog Massage near Me for a Happier, Healthier Pet

Dog Massage

The happiness and well-being of your beloved dog companions are our top priorities at Arfit Biz. Encouraging your canine’s health and well-being is our goal by presenting exceptional offerings. Our numerous services include dog massage treatment, which is designed to meet your pet’s needs on both a physical and emotional level. At Arfit Biz, we … Read more