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Arfit Welcomes Ada (cervical spine injury)

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Meet Ada

Ada is an 11 year old female Pit Bull Terrier.  She has been yelping in pain at night for the last few days and a cervical (neck) injury is suspected.  She also yelps when she tries to shake her head and / or  side bend to the left.  Upon palpation, there is moderate multifidi muscle spasming on the left at C3-5 and the left elevator scapulae.  There is also reduced mobility in side glides to the left and right in the c-spine.

Ada receives laser therapy for her cervical spine injury.


Treatment consisted of manual therapy, dry needling, laser and spinal mobilization to the cervical and thoracic spines, the scapula as well as side bending exercises away from the side of pain.   Her owner reports that after he first treatment, she was still yelping at night but was moving her head better and able to shake and turn her head without yelping.  We will keep you posted on Ada’s Progress!

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