Canine Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

B E   S T R O N G.

L I V E   L O N G.

The Arfit program provides scientifically proven therapeutic
procedures to improve your pet’s quality of life.


Manual therapy is skilled passive movement of specific joints and soft tissue. Benefits include increased mobility, decreased pain and improved function.

Spinal and Joint mobilization. Reduce swelling. Deep Tissue mobilization. Trigger Point Release.


The treatment of trigger points using a monofilament needle. Dry needling is a highly effective drug free treatment for chronic pain, stiffness and muscle spasm with no side effects.

Reduce Trigger Points, Decrease muscle spasm and pain. Increase movement and function.


Functional and joint specific exercises designed to improve your pet’s balance, movement, strength and quality of life.

Individual Video Home Exercises programs are also available.


Provides drug free pain relief, reduces inflammation and speeds up healing of joints and soft tissue. Conditions that benefit from cold laser include: bursitis, tendinitis, ligament sprains, muscle strains, osteoarthritis, joint pain, back pain, head and neck injuries, skin lesions.

Decrease Pain. Reduce Inflammation. Stimulate tissue regeneration and healing.

Next Steps

If your pet is experiencing any of the following conditions, please contact us today to set up a physical therapy appointment:
Back & Neck Pain
Hip Dysplasia Pain
Shoulder Pain
CCL Rehabilitation
Older Dogs
Generalized Weakness
Muscle Spasms
Radiculopathy, FCE
Difficulty Walking and/or Climbing Stairs
Knee Pain