Questions to ask when choosing your Canine Rehabilitation Provider

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Who is Performing Therapy? All treatments are supervised by an Illinois Licensed Physical Therapist and CCRP No Illinois Licensed Physical Therapist on Staff
What is included in each session? Each session includes ALL procedures necessary to achieve the session goals ?
Is treatment one-on-one with the SAME clinician every time? Yes No
Is Dry Needling available? Yes No
Are the Owners Allowed to be present during treatment? Yes No
How long is each session? 30-45 minutes ?
Are Treatment Packages required? No Yes
Are you trained in Manual Therapy including Spinal Mobilizations? Yes ?
How many Years of Experience? 14 years CCRP. 32 years PT. ?
Do you perform Harness/Weight Pulling and Training? Yes No
Therapist Owned and Operated? Yes No

ARFit Dog Therapy provides comprehensive rehabilitation programs. We do not offer “à la carte therapy” such as laser only / massage only / dry needling only. Our programs are individually designed to decrease pain and improve the function of your pet.

Our fees are as follows: First Session: $295. Each Subsequent Treatment Session: $169. Call us today at 312-620-4606 to schedule your appointment.

Office Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm, Friday:  10am – 5pm, Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

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