Covid 19 Measures at ARFIT

We have always practiced high levels of good hygiene at Arfit.  With Covid 19, we are going above and beyond our usual procedures to try and curb the spread of this virus.  Here is some more specific information describing the measures we are taking to protect you while we treat your loved one:

We are practicing social distancing

we are handshake free

We are keeping our hands washed, wiping down all surfaces, work areas and equipment including goggles, pens and exercise equipment with chlorine bleach solution after every client.

To reduce the risk of contact and spread, We are only allowing one client into the office at a time. 

We are also taking additional measures to ensure our staff remains healthy so we may care for your pet.  These include but are not limited to the following:

We have rescheduled clients who’s condition is not in urgent need of rehab.

We have instructed our staff and all clients who feel ill to remain at home and not come to ARFIT.

We are monitoring all current guidelines from the CDC, WHO and John’s Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.

As an added measure, we are providing drop off service at our front door.  Just text us when you arrive and once the previous client has exited the clinic, a staff member will pick up your pet from your car.  Once their treatment session is complete, we will text you and meet you at your vehicle with your baby.  

Tod Miner, PT CCRP

ARFIT Dog Rehab / Fitness